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Part No Description
IHC018mm18mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC025mm25mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC032mm32mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC038mm38mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC050mm50mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC063mm63mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC076mm76mm Interlocking Clamp
IHC101mm101mm Interlocking Clamp
IHCB018mm18mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB025mm25mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB032mm32mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB038mm38mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB050mm50mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB063mm63mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB076mm76mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCB101mm101mm Interlocking Boss Clamp
IHCT018mm18mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT025mm25mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT032mm32mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT038mm38mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT050mm50mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT063mm63mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT076mm76mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
IHCT101mm101mm Interlocking Tang Clamp
ITS018mm18mm T Slot Clamp
ITS025mm25mm T Slot Clamp
ITS032mm32mm T Slot Clamp
ITS038mm38mm T Slot Clamp
ITS050mm50mm T Slot Clamp
ITS063mm63mm T Slot Clamp
ITS076mm76mm T Slot Clamp
ITS101mm101mm T Slot Clamp
ITSB018mm18mm T Slot Boss
ITSB025mm25mm T Slot Boss
ITSB032mm32mm T Slot Boss
ITSB038mm38mm T Slot Boss
ITSB050mm50mm T Slot Boss
ITSB063mm63mm T Slot Boss
ITSB076mm76mm T Slot Boss
ITSB101mm101mm T Slot Boss
ITST018mm18mm T Slot Tang Clamp
TIST025mm25mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST032mm32mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST038mm38mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST050mm50mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST063mm63mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST076mm76mm T Slot Tang Clamp
ITST101mm 101mm T Slot Tang Clamp

*Special sizes available on request. 

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